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June 11, 2015

Hero Analysis: Tychus

Welcome to this week’s Hero Analysis. A weekly set of articles that will dissect each part of a hero to give players better understanding of each hero and their playstyles. These articles will also attempt to show some of Blizzard’s design choices specific to Heroes of the Storm in efforts to make it the game they truly want. At the end of the day though, most of this information is based off of observation and anything here can change at a moment’s notice due to the continual development of “Heroes”.

This week, we look at Tychus – an assassin from the Starcraft franchise. Adept at dealing heavy damage – Tychus destroys enemies with a combination of speedy auto-attacks, powerful AoE damage, and powerful mechanical marvels. Although somewhat lacking in disable abilities, the damage he does certainly makes up for it. With some allied help, Tychus can easily destroy multiple targets – even without assistance, Tychus is still formidable in his damage output.


Tychus has little to no crowd control abilities nor is he fast in anyway, instead the sheer amount of damage he does allows him to be a menace on the battlefield. With the huge potential for damage, he keeps enemies wary of confronting him head-on without sufficient preparation.


Tychus has a unique condition on his auto-attacks. When attempting to hit enemies, he will need to wind up his mini-gun (3 seconds time) – when he does so, he will attack extremely fast. Each individual shot that Tychus fires deals much less damage than other heroes but overall the huge attack speed bonus makes Tychus do more damage than most other heroes with auto-attacks. His mini-gun will keep spinning for 5 seconds unless he performs an attack – which will reset the timer. This heroic trait gives a unique take on how auto-attacks work in “Heroes”. It makes his auto-attacking capability while on the move much weaker but when fights are more solitary and confined to specific locations – his damage output is much greater than many other heroes. When auto-attacking with Tychus, due to the windup period, positioning Tychus in a favorable position is extremely important. Much like Sgt. Hammer’s siege – if Tychus begins his windup too far away from enemies, they can easily step out of range and waste Tychus’s chance to auto-attack. The best way to utilize this unique bonus to Tychus’s auto-attacks, positioning closer to the intended target will help maximize the time that Tychus has to attack them. But at the same time, staying in a safe position is necessary – the balance between getting very close for multiple auto attacks and farther away in order to stay safe is an integral part of playing with this Heroic Trait. Overall, this ability gives a unique twist to auto-attacks – something not seen in other games of the genre.


This ability creates a cone area towards a target enemy; the target enemy can change at the player’s will. This ability does an immense amount of damage if the enemy is stuck within it. The cone will deal less damage to targets outside of the main target. The positioning of Tychus is extremely important with this ability – not only to make sure the main target is within the limited range but to hit multiple enemies with it. Although he cannot use his other abilities while using Overkill – using Tychus’s other abilities effectively can help with this, both Frag Grenade and Run and Gun manipulate position of his enemies and himself right before he uses this ability. There is also an interesting concept of changing targets quickly to maximize the damage on multiple enemies. Even if the original target will take less damage – effectively keeping more targets within the cone will deal more overall damage. At the same time, the single target damage is immense. There is an interesting balance between choosing to deal moderate damage to multiple enemies or high damage to a single target. After using Overkill – Tychus’s mini-gun will be wound up and ready to attack, keep this in mind when using Overkill for damage in extended teamfights. Overkill is an interesting offensive ability – how a player utilizes it in different situations is important.

Frag Grenade

While this ability deals moderate damage in an AoE, the more important portion to look at is the knockback. Not only does this help Tychus’s general survivability – it is the closest thing to a crowd control ability that Tychus possesses. The push can be used in a multitude of ways – offensively and defensively. Defensively is obvious – to know enemies away from Tychus as they approach him. Against melee heroes especially, the push back will help give more time for Tychus and his team members to react to aggression. Creating space between him and enemies will give him valuable time to react aggressively or defensively. Using this ability purely offensively has some more interesting ramifications, especially due to the overall ability set that Tychus has. He has multiple abilities that benefit from being able to keep enemies close to him. In this way, Tychus can use this ability to knock enemies closer to him as necessary – keeping enemies in range of his wound up auto-attacks, for example. The damage component of this, although should not be the main focus in its usage, is an important part to note. To use it for damage – Tychus needs to pay attention on how it is used in efforts to not push enemies out of reach and into safety. Perhaps, the best time to use this ability as aggression is to finish off enemy heroes – the extra pushback is effectively a non-factor. Any earlier, there is potential to accidentally push an enemy to safety. Overall, this ability is most powerful when used in manipulation of enemy position.

Run and Gun

This is Tychus’s only movement ability but its extra effect makes it an extremely powerful. The windup time for Tychus forces some careful consideration for auto attacking. By using this ability offensively, this consideration is replaced by the choice to save this ability for escape or to deal maximum amount of damage immediately. Not only this, the extra movement can help get Tychus close to enemies to have more time to attack enemies without needing to wind-up again. In terms of escape though, it is much needed. Although slightly tanky due to his stats, Tychus overall is very vulnerable to enemy aggression – his only defensive ability is this one. Players must make the active choice to save this ability for escape or to use it. There is also room for transitioning from defensive to offensive. If an enemy overextends chasing after Tychus using this ability – he can easily turn around with extra damage. This ability is very flexible overall, players can change defensive movements to offensive movements at a whim.

Heroic Abilities

Tychus’s heroic abilities both involve powerful mechanical additions to his kit, both also dealing heavy damage – perfect in fitting into the concept of dealing immense damage.

Commandeer Odin

After a short delay, this ability will completely replaces Tychus’s with new ones as well as changes his auto-attacks on top of all this, he gets a new health pool and has reduced crowd control effects. His auto attacks will no longer require a charge up, dealing much more damage as well as they do extra splash damage around the target. This attack modification makes Tychus an even stronger auto-attacking damage dealer. He can effectively punish enemies that are too close together. Although the auto-attacks are likely the highest source of damage for the Odin – its abilities also give some decent burst AoE damage. Annihilate is a long range line AoE that deals good damage to anyone caught in it. Its range is the most important part of this ability – it allows players to deal damage to enemies that are out of reach of the auto-attacks. The second ability available to the Odin by default are the Ragnarok Missiles – dealing a set amount of damage to enemies within a large range around the Odin. The damage potential on multiple targets is huge but players should note the limited range of this while using it – careful positioning is required to hit all enemies desired. Lastly, the tanky quality of the Odin should be noted – it doesn’t have mobility as Tychus’s normal abilities are replaced but it makes up for it with its extreme tankiness. When successfully activated, Tychus’s health bar is completely replaced with another full bar. No matter what health Tychus is at this will happen – this makes this ability a huge life saver in clutch times. But when the Odin ends, Tychus will be returned to his original health – keep this in mind when using Odin in the midst of a fight. The last consideration players must take is the state of his abilities when using this. It is suggested that Tychus quickly use the rest of his normal abilities before popping this ability in efforts to maximize the effectiveness of cooldowns. Overall Commandeer Odin is a devastating ability, used correctly Tychus truly becomes the beast of damage dealing within huge fights.

Drakken Laser Drill

This heroic ability is marginally simpler than the other choice – where it shines though is the consistent damage output it provides while allowing Tychus to continue with his normal damage. When placed on the ground, the Laser Drill will attack the nearest enemy for a set amount of damage consistently – so long as it is in range. Tychus can choose to retarget the drill by recasting this ability. The Laser Drill can be destroyed by enemies like any other structures – players need to balance where he places the Laser Drill – too close to enemies and it will die, too far and it will not be able to attack enemies for too long. Using Tychus’s Frag Grenade can help keep enemies within range of the drill but it can only do so much. This ability truly shines when focusing on a single target with many disables to keep it in range of the Laser Drill. Tychus players also has some micromanagement to pay attention to – continually retargeting the Laser Drill is important to ensure that it is never firing at a useless target like an extra creep within a battle. This ability does immense of consistent damage against a single target if they are stuck within its range – so long as the player is skillful enough to continually target it and keep enemies within its range.


Overall, Tychus is assuredly good at one thing – damage. Everything he does is conducive to do as much damage as possible – his biggest issue is his lack of crowd control. With an ally that is more capable in keeping an enemy in place, Tychus can really rip into them. Players need to pay close attention to his positioning in relation to his enemies – not only to deal more damage but to also survive as he does not have extremely powerful protective capabilities. His one movement ability is mostly used aggressively to help him do more damage quickly. With Tychus, Blizzard has once again succeeded in creating a hero that can be easily picked up by newer players with a decent understanding of the game but also allow more experienced players to truly shine with the hero through consistent use of every ability and their timing. When used well, Tychus will truly be a menace of the battlefield – if for nothing but his damage.

Please join us next week when we take a look at another Hero – next week we’ll also look at talents alongside each ability as Stormable has access to the alpha. Stay tuned to Stormable for more unique content every week.

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