Why Play Heroes?

Blizzard is making an entry into a genre that a lot of people think is tapped. Most are happy with League of Legends, DotA2, and other similar games, so you may be asking yourself “Why should I bother playing Heroes?”

It Forges Its Own Genre

Heroes manages to break away from similar games and create its own genre. Blizzard is calling it a “Hero Brawler” due to its action-oriented game play. While certainly inspired by MOBAs and ARTS’, Blizzard has taken long strides to make sure it’s different from any game you’ve played before.

Map Objectives

Unlike other games that have you perform menial tasks like grinding on minions, Heroes throws you straight into the action with map objectives. These can include things such as collecting coins to pay to have a pirate ship fire on your enemies, or claiming altars to curse the enemy team, as well as other objectives. These change depending on the map and obtaining these critical points greatly helps your team. Map objectives spawn within the first few minutes of a match and are a common place for early game mayhem. Due to the importance, these points are heavily contested and require team work to obtain.

It’s Team Oriented

In MOBAs like LoL and DotA, instead of fighting and improving as a team, players are only improving themselves. With the exception of supports, this has a tendency to make players care more about their own stats than the team as a whole. In Heroes, they’ve countered the self-centered mindset of players by introducing team leveling. Experience is global and shared, which creates an even leveling progression for the entire time. With team leveling, it’s impossible for one person to become all-powerful. Instead, the entire team will either succeed or fail as one. Since both kills and map objectives contribute to team leveling, teams are encouraged to work together instead of each player going off and doing their own thing. Just about every MOBA player has had that experience where one person just never leaves their lane and farms all game, without ever helping the team. With Heroes, experiences like that are a thing of the past.

Games are Short

On average, games of League of Legends and DotA 2 are 30-40 minutes. Because of this, many people only have enough time to get one or two games in. Blizzard is making sure game lengths for Heroes averages around 20 minutes. They’re accomplishing this by taking out all the boring and stale parts that are common in other games. Since there’s no gold or items, there’s no need to spend  time farming before you get to the action. Instead, you’re thrown right into all the excitement  from the get go. Games may be shorter, but with the amount of action jam packed into them, they certainly feel longer.

It’s Fun!

This is certainly a more opinion based category, but speaking from experience, Heroes is an extremely fun game and I can’t wait for it to get released.

But don’t take my word for it, head over to www.battle.net and sign up for the beta so that you can experience it yourself!

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