Desired Features: Spectator Mode

Every week I’ll be posting about a feature that I believe many would like to see in Heroes. If we get enough people discussing these features, either for or against, Blizzard can get a better grasp of community opinion. Discussions on these articles are greatly encouraged over in our forums!

As we get more information about the game, I’ll update these articles stating ¬†whether or not they will be added.

Spectator Mode

Players like having spectator mode for many reasons. They can watch their friends play, watch pros to get better, or just watch out of boredom. Spectator mode took a long time to get introduced to League of Legends and wasn’t done nearly as well as it could have been. In my opinion, a great example of how a spectator mode should be is Dota2.

In their game client, you’re able to watch your friends play or watch completely random games. You’re also able to chat with other people that are spectating the match. This spectator mode is leaps and bounds above what Riot offers with LoL. I sincerely hope Blizzard takes a page out of Valve’s book and great a rich spectating experience.

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