Heroes of the Storm Q&A Round-Up

Welcome to Stormable’s round up of the first official Heroes of the Storm Q&A! This long awaited discussion answered many popular questions that people have been asking about Heroes of the Storm. Hopefully, there will be more of these to come as we approach the beta. The panel featured members of the Heroes development team: […]

Hero Idea: The Queen

Welcome to the second article in the Hero Idea series. Once again, this series of articles looks to give an idea of what a possible implementation of certain characters from the various Blizzard franchises. On top of that, this genre of games has a wide variety of unique mechanics to be implemented – these articles […]

Desired Features: Spectator Mode

Every week I’ll be posting about a feature that I believe many would like to see in Heroes. If we get enough people discussing these features, either for or against, Blizzard can get a better grasp of community opinion. Discussions on these articles are greatly encouraged over in our forums! As we get more information […]

Hero Idea: The Wizard

Heroes of the Storm has a huge pool of potential heroes to be implemented. By looking at the concepts of possible heroes in the future, we can make speculations on the possible implementation of upcoming heroes. With this series of articles, we’ll take from a variety of sources to create the concept for a new […]

Heroes First Impressions

I was lucky enough to get a lot of hands-on time with Heroes of the Storm at Blizzcon 2013. I’m an experienced MOBA player (mainly LoL and DotA), so I was extremely excited to get to play test their demo. I got to enjoy 8 rounds or so of the game, playing heroes like Tassadar, […]

Why Play Heroes?

Blizzard is making an entry into a genre that a lot of people think is tapped. Most are happy with League of Legends, DotA2, and other similar games, so you may be asking yourself “Why should I bother playing Heroes?” It Forges Its Own Genre Heroes manages to break away from similar games and create […]

Heroes of the Storm Blizzcon Dev Matches

At BlizzCon Blizzard showed off Heroes of the Storm with two developer matches where a team of 5 blizzard devs battled against another dev team. You can see from the video that the UI is still in alpha and has a lot of work before the beta launches but the two matches give you an […]

Haunted Mines Battleground Preview

Haunted Mines is a map including PvE and PvP environment. There is an underground dungeon in the map which allows heroes enter it at the beginning of the game. When the minions spawn underground, a total of 100 points can be obtained. Normal minions in the tunnels will grant one point per kill and the […]

Cursed Hollow Battleground Preview

Cursed Hollow is a Raven Lord area which tributes appear in the forest at the center of the map. If a team collects 3 tributes, their enemies become cursed. While cursed, a team’s minions take significantly less damage to kill and their towers stop firing, allowing their enemies to push their forts easily and without […]

Blackheart’s Bay Battleground Preview

Blackheart’s Bay is an Age of Sail style map, with a ghostly pirate ship taken up residence in the center. You need to collect treasure and deliver treasure to the pirate Blackheart and then he will turn the cannons of pirate ship against your opponent. I want to say that if you are killed by […]