Heroes of the Storm Q&A Round-Up

Welcome to Stormable’s round up of the first official Heroes of the Storm Q&A! This long awaited discussion answered many popular questions that people have been asking about Heroes of the Storm. Hopefully, there will be more of these to come as we approach the beta. The panel featured members of the Heroes development team: […]

Hero Analysis: Sonya

Welcome to this week’s hero analysis – a weekly article where every single aspect of a hero’s abilities to give more insight to each hero’s capabilities. Another thing to note is Blizzard’s design that goes into each hero, there are some very clear design decision at play with everything Blizzard chooses to do. Remember, much […]

Hero Analysis: Tychus

Welcome to this week’s Hero Analysis. A weekly set of articles that will dissect each part of a hero to give players better understanding of each hero and their playstyles. These articles will also attempt to show some of Blizzard’s design choices specific to Heroes of the Storm in efforts to make it the game […]

Heroes of the Storm Beginners Guide

Welcome to Heroes of the Storm – Blizzard’s new game that mashes together their many franchises into one fun and chaotic game. With this guide, we will explain the basics of the game as well as ease you into your first games of Heroes by giving you a good basis of information on the many […]

Hero Analysis: Tyrande

Welcome to this week’s installment of Hero Analysis. A series here on Stormable that analyzes every aspect of a single hero – this gives better understanding of the hero to players as well as give insight into the possible design concepts that Blizzard has employed in the creation of the hero. As a reminder, any […]

Hero Analysis: Raynor

Hello and welcome to another installment of Hero Analysis. This is a weekly article where we look at every aspect of a hero to allow the general player base a better understanding of the hero as well as give some insight into what Blizzard has done in terms of design for each and every hero. […]

Hero Analysis: Arthas

Welcome to this week’s hero analysis – a weekly series of articles in which we look at everything we know about a current hero. Through the analysis, a better understanding of the playstyle and strategies available for each hero is achieved. Alongside this, Blizzard’s design can clearly be seen in their decisions with the whole […]

Hero Analysis: Nazeebo

Welcome to this week’s installment of Hero Analysis – as per usual, we’ll be looking at everything we know about a hero to analyze the possibilities for that hero in terms of gameplay and synergy but also looking at how Blizzard’s design philosophies behind each hero and how they fit into the overall goals of […]

Hero Analysis: Tyrael

Welcome back to Hero Analysis! After a short hiatus, we are going back to the usual schedule every week with Hero Analysis – so without any more delay, let’s begin. Every week, we look at heroes released by Blizzard closely – every little aspect to glean off all of the information possible from what little […]

Hero Analysis: Nova

Welcome to this week’s hero analysis. Every week, we take a look at one of Blizzard’s currently released heroes – an in-depth look at a hero can give us insight into Blizzard’s hero design. Alongside design, as players, understanding the core ideas behind a hero can allow for better development of mechanical skills and usage […]